The Strokes: Comedown Machine

Strokes CD cover The Strokes Are Back With Comedown Machine

New Music Review

By Alan Clanton
Thursday Review Editor

It took a dozen years, but the indie/alternative band The Strokes is back again with an album of material generally worthy of their stunning, critically-acclaimed debut release in 2001, Is This It. In the intervening 12 years The Strokes produced other albums, but they were never able achieved the same level of power or freshness as their first package. Comedown Machine, released just last month, meets or exceeds most music fans’ expectations—an entire CD, smooth and likeable from start-to-finish—which showcases this New York band’s unique sound, a kind of retro blend of hardcore 70s and 80s rhythms and guitars fused upon innovative songwriting and alternative energies. At the forefront of the album: All The Time, which was released as a successful single earlier this year, and the song which drove much of the anticipation by their fans of The Strokes new collection of original material. But the rest of the album is first-rate as well, and expect to be surprised not only at the range of sound you will hear, but also the strangely likeable fusions of harmonies and vocals, retro garage guitars and funky disco, post-disco and new wave rhythms. Highlights include: One Way Trigger; Welcome to Japan; 80s Comedown Machine. Expect this one to be on our list of favorites for the year. By the way, you’ll love the period-piece CD packaging.

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