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Top Wounded Warrior Project Execs Fired by Board


Photo by Thursday Review staff

Photo by Thursday Review staff

The two top executives with Wounded Warrior Project have been fired by the organization’s board, with word that the non-profit’s founding member may return to take over management soon; Wounded Warrior Project raised millions for veterans, but spent lavishly and on an epic scale: parties, events, travel, posh hotels,¬†high-end training, expensive publications, food and alcohol. Read the full story by Earl Perkins here.

Welcome back Thursday Review readers

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After a major renovation and facelift to our main web magazine site, along with some technical upgrades (including the move to unlimited disk space and the accompanying migration of material and data) our Word Press blog is back online.

As many of our readers are aware, Thursday Review has grown rapidly in the last two years. Starting out with our Road Show column (begun originally in print and email for in 2006), we have upgraded and enlarged the scope of our content into a full magazine, which can be found at In the fall of 2012, we redesigned our entire website, and the make-over, which was mostly the work of our web manager Lisa Whitten, allowed for the creation of new departments, including Books, Music, Film, Food, Media and Art, to greatly enhance what was previously mostly political content and election analysis.

Since last September, we have added many writers, artists and contributors to our team, and we have expanded our content and commentary into a variety of social media venues, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google +.

The redesigns and technical upgrades will allow us to begin adding additional content, including video, music and enlarged image and photo galleries. We will also be able to expand our archives to include articles and reviews from the period 2006-2012, and readers and visitors can expect many more contests–photography, art, poetry, to name a few.

Please remember that you can send us your comments and opinions at any time–here, or by emailing us at, or by contacting us on Facebook, Linked In or Google +.