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Lawrence Lessig Announces Presidential Bid 2016


Author and Harvard professor Lawrence Lessig managed to raise more than $1 million by the date of his own deadline of Labor Day; now Lessig says he is running full bore for President of the United States. What does Lessig offer to voters that the others (Clinton, Sanders, O’Malley) do not? Read the full article on our Thursday Review Politics Page.

White House Knew of Clinton’s Private Email Account

Composite image by Thursday Review

Composite image by Thursday Review

Thursday Review writers look into the growing problems faced by Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton because of her use of a private email account; TR also looks at claims by the White House that it did not know that Clinton was using an email address other than what was provided by the State Department.  Read the full article at: http://www.thursdayreview.com/ClintonEmailsWhiteHouse.html

Hamlet’s Passing: Mario Cuomo, Rest in Peace


Thursday Review‘s Alan Clanton takes a look at the life of the late Mario Cuomo, three-term Governor of New York, an unapologetic liberal lion of the national scene, and a once-and-future Presidential candidate, the most famous candidate never to actually run for President of the United States.  Politics Page article: http://www.thursdayreview.com/MarioCuomoPassing.html