Dismember; George Marie

Dismember book cover

George Marie
| published March 2, 2015 |

Book review by Kristy Webster
Thursday Review contributor

“There was love. A difficult sort of love to categorize. Violent, dangerous. Except that there were none of the other devices: no drugs, no suicide notes. Instead, two small children and devotion and something pure, like hell.”

This tiny book holds an epic and powerful story of a woman’s breakdown and breakthrough in the midst of a turbulent relationship. A house in decay mirrors a relationship in decay. Personal loss of sanity reflects the chaos of the life inside a home in crisis. A woman, wife and mother, George deconstructs a slice of her own intimate history into a sharply moving, self-revealing, yet universal story of survival. The result is a haunting portrait of domestic unrest and the mythical proportions of motherhood.

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