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About Our Writers and Contributors

Earl H. Perkins, whose interest in journalism dates back to his teenage years, has been a newspaperman and sports writer since his graduation from the University of Florida. He has worked for various newspapers in Florida, Georgia and Louisiana. He currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida. He has written for Thursday Review since 1982.

Michael Bush is an American writer and author living currently in Malaysia. He is a frequent contributor to Thursday Review, and his articles about being an ex-pat living in China have attracted a wide readership. He also writes movie reviews and maintains his own blog. His new novel, which should be available on Amazon soon, is titled Storm in Shanghai.

Krista Tani is a writer, teacher and instructor from Fort Collins, Colorado who currently lives and works in Laos. She is a frequent Thursday Review contributor, and her travel and culture articles have explored life in places as diverse as Morocco, Spain, England, Ireland, Vietnam and other countries.

Maggie Nichols is a teacher and writer in the Atlanta, Georgia area. She writes freelance music, film and food pieces for several magazines and alternative newspapers in the region, and her poetry has been published in several small literary mags and journals. She is a frequent contributor of food and health articles to Thursday Review, for which she also contributes movie and music reviews.

John Montana is a screenwriter, cinematographer, director and producer of short films. An occasional actor, he lives in Los Angeles with his wife. His film and video production company is called No Title Production Films. His recent short film, Hungry, has been selected by scores of film festivals which specialize in horror or the macabre, including the Los Angeles New Wave Intl’ Film Festival (2015) and the Diabolique International Film Festival (2015).

Jennifer Walker-James is a writer, blogger and author. Her novel Firefly tells the story of average young people in the Deep South with dark, supernatural secrets. She is a frequent contributor to Thursday Review, and her investigative articles and interviews have become some of our most popular features. She lives in the small town of Gordon, Alabama.

Lori Garrett is a writer, poet, and frequent contributor to Thursday Review. Lori writes most frequently about television, movies, music and books, but she also contributes material on nearly every subject. She is co-author, along with Victoria Betzel, Sarah Herrin and Kristy Webster, on the book of poetry and art, Haunt Box: A Poetry Collection.

Jeannè Sigler is a freelance writer, editor, marketer and radio producer. She has written for various publications and magazines, including a column for The Dothan Eagle. Jeanne has edited several books. She currently lives with her husband Michael Sigler in Alabama.  Jeanne' has been instrumental in advising Thursday Review since its online inception. She is currently the host of a morning radio show in southeast Alabama.

Michael Sigler is a chef, newspaper columnist, author and community volunteer. Michael has appeared on various television shows devoted to the culinary arts, and is the author of My Life in a Frying Pan. Michael's newest book, Tales From the Frying Pan, contains many essays and articles which have previously appeared in Thursday Review.  Michael lives and works in Dothan, Alabama.  He is a frequent writer for Thursday Review.

Kelly Leigh Harris, who graduated from the University of Richmond with a BA in journalism, is a freelance writer, musician and piano instructor living in Lexington, Virginia. Kelly has written for the News-Gazette and Visiting Lexington magazine. More about Kelly’s hobbies and work can be found at

Katharine Boggess, is a freelance writer and editor. She holds an MA in Special Education from the University of New Mexico, and a BA in Anthropology and Religion from Emory University. She lives in Old Town Albuquerque, New Mexico with her husband, two boys, two cats, a dog, and a leopard gecko. She considers Thursday Review (in print form beginning in 1981) her first publication outside of her school newspaper in junior high. Katharine serves as Roving Editor for TR.

Sarah Herrin is an artist, writer and graduate of Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), in Savannah, Georgia. Sarah currently lives and works in Seattle, Washington. She is co-author, along with Victoria Betzel, Lori Garrett and Kristy Webster, on the book of poetry and art, Haunt Box: A Poetry Collection.

Lisa Whitten, an avid scuba diver, is a freelance web designer, writer and editor living in northeast Florida.  She has managed websites for dental offices, individuals and small businesses.  She created the Road Show website in 2008, and was responsible for the redesign of Thursday Review in 2012.  Lisa has a Bachelors of Applied Science in Information Technology Management., as well a technical certificates in Database Management and Web Development Specialist. For more about her web services please click here to send email for more details.

Kevin Robbie is a lifelong resident of Jacksonville, Florida and an avid fan of the Gators, the Jaguars and the San Diego Padres. His interests also include the music and history of the Beatles. An attorney, Kevin is married to Mary Robbie. They have four children.  Kevin has written off and on for Thursday Review since its print days in the early 1980s.

Kristy Webster is a writer, artist and mother of two. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Pacific Lutheran University and her Bachelor's Degree from the Evergreen State College where she majored in creative writing, visual arts, and feminist studies. Kristy is the author of the recently published novella Coco. Her work has appeared in several online journals such as The Molotov Cocktail, The Ginger Piglet, The Stone Hobo, Connotation Press, Abacot Journal, Thickjam, A Word With You Press, A Fly in Amber and in two print anthologies by GirlChildPress. She manages a used book store on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Kristy is also the author of The Gift of an Imaginary Girl, now available on Amazon.

Isaac Fink is a student and freelance writer who lives in Washington state. A dedicated video game and technology enthusiast, Isaac has written numerous articles, film reviews and opinion pieces for Thursday Review.

Mary Alexandra Pooler is a writer, editor and recent graduate of Florida State University, where she was the editor of a student web magazine. She currently lives in St. Augustine, Florida where she is an editor and writer for

Alan Clanton has worked in media, television and communications since high school. He was the editor of the literary magazine Kudzu Review while at Florida State University and the editor of Business Resource while working in the College of Business at FSU. His writing and poems have appeared in Sun Dog and Snake Nation Review. He is the author of Conversations Overheard in a Restaurant, which was published in 2010. For information about his book go to

Keith H. Roberts is a nom de plume for several regular Thursday Review contributors. He originally joined the staff for the purposes of “reporting on our most controversial topics,” but quickly became a regular writer of standard news, what he describes disparagingly as “boring Journalism 101 and straight-up news service aggregation.” He plans to start a blog called “Why TR Writers Are Underpaid & Undervalued.”