Amazon to Buy Whole Foods
| Published June 18, 2016 |

By R. Alan Clanton,
Thursday Review editor

In a deal exceeding $13.5 billion, online retailer Amazon has agreed to buy grocery chain Whole Foods, a move most Wall Street and business analysts say is Amazon's latest...(click to read more)


Like it Raw: Chipotle Meets the New Sushi
| Published September 22, 2016 |

By Caressa Losier,
Thursday Review guest writer

Have you tried the poké burrito, yet? Since everyone's been talking about it, it may be helpful to point out that it has absolutely nothing...(click to read more)

Publix store front

Wegmans, Publix Top List of Favorite Grocery Stores
| Published April 14, 2016 |

By Keith H. Roberts,
Thursday Review contributor

According to extensive research surveys and an opinion poll conducted by Market Force Information, the most popular grocery store chain in the United States is...(click to read more)

Cover of Italian cookbook

A Gift for the Vegetarian Cook
| Published December 15, 2015 |

By Thursday Review staff

Looking to give the gift of vegetarianism to someone this Christmas, but you're afraid that you don't know how to do that without making it...(click to read more)

USS Essex Food Storage

Stocking Food Aboard the USS Essex
| Published December 1, 2015 |

By Thursday Review staff

Pallets of packaged food stacked some five feet high are identified, sorted and moved in preparation for storage aboard the USS Essex, a Wasp-Class amphibious assault ship currently deployed...(click to read more)

Spam & hotdogs - processed meats

WHO: Cancer Risk From Processed Meats is Strong
| Published October 27, 2015 |

By Thursday Review staff

Most of us already knew that processed meats were bad for us, and hopefully few actually thought that things like lunchmeat, bologna, hot dogs and sausage were somehow...[ Read more ]

canal in China

Seven Treasures:
The Allure of the Water Towns

| Published September 27, 2015 |

By Michael Bush
Thursday Review contributor

Whether you are only in Shanghai for a few days, visiting family for several months, or have lived in the giant megacity for many years, you will...[ Read more ]

A & P store front

A&P Files for Bankruptcy Protection
| Published July 22, 2015 |

By Thursday Review staff

The iconic grocery store chain A&P—also known as the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company—has again filed for bankruptcy. A&P completed...[ Read more ]

Naturally Sweet Blender Treats

Naturally Sweet Blender Treats

By R. Alan Clanton
Thursday Review editor

The blender is one of those under-utilized tools of the kitchen. The ubiquitous microwave, along with....

[ Read more ]

Morel mushroom

The Morel of the Story
| Published July 29, 2014 |

By Michael Sigler
Thursday Review contributor

While many of us enjoy the seemingly endless variety of mushrooms, many more of us know little or nothing....

(click to read more)

Burger & French Fries

The Worst, and Best Fast Food
| Published July 14, 2014 |

By Thursday Review staff

It may come as a shock to some; it may come as no surprise to still others. Taco Bell, the industry leader in...

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Bowl of beans

The Health Benefits of Beans

By Maggie Nichols
Thursday Review contributor


Beans are great food. But first, let’s acknowledge that 500 pound gorilla in the room. Let’s clear the air, so....

[ Read more ]

Amedei Chocolate

ItalianChocolatier Makes it Her Way in America

By Victoria Prather
Thursday Review contributor

Chocolate is considered to be, by many, an aphrodisiac. People claim it has addic-...

[ Continue Reading ]

Foods that have Vitamin C

A Dozen Ways to Get Your Vitamin C

By Thursday Review staff

By now most folks know that Vitamin C is one of the essential dietary elements—a sort of miracle Vitamin which, most famously of all, helps the human immune system fight off common...[continue reading ]


An Apple a Day: The Healthy Benefits of the Apple

By R. Alan Clanton
Thursday Review Editor

Once, many years ago, after an overnight visit to an aunt and uncle in Saluda, North Carolina (near Henderson-ville), I woke up early and drove roughly northeast...[continue reading ]

Vending Machine

The True Meaning of Fast Food

By Michael Sigler

Thursday Review Contributor

I was born in California, but here in the South, where I now live, NASCAR is almost a religion. Perhaps it is the sound of roaring engines that sets fans’ hearts a-beating, or maybe it is the spectacle of the race. It might even be...[continue reading ]


The Sweet News About Peaches

By Thursday Review Staff

The peach is one of those fruits which is a win-win when it comes to diet and health. The peach is known for its sweetness, and it...[continue reading ]


Tasty Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol

Save for a few truly dedicated vegetarians--and more power to you if you can stick to an all veggie diet--almost everyone loves a good burger from time to time. Best...[Continue reading]

Kroger Produce

Kroger Faces Falling Profits,
Intense Competition

| Published September 10, 2016 |

By Keith H. Roberts,
Thursday Review contributor

Food giant Kroger, telling investors that low food prices and over-supplies are impacting day-to-day cash flow, is advising Wall Street that it may not meet...(click to read more)


All The Tea in China

| Published February 18, 2016 |

By Michael Bush, Thursday Review contributor

When people hear the name Chengdu, they either say, "What is that?" or "They got pandas there, you know!" And while it's true that Chengdu in the Sichuan Province does have pandas, they also have many...(click to read more)

plate of Orange Chicken

The Joys of Orange Chicken

| Published January 24, 2016 |

By Michael Bush, Thursday Review contributor

I've mentioned in some of my previous articles that being an expatriate living abroad can make you homesick quite often. It's true. China is home to some of the best food in the world, having eight unique styles of cuisine that...(click to read more)

Black Bean & Turkey burgers at Chili's

How to Build a Healthier Burger

| Published December 2, 2015 |

By Maggie Nichols, Thursday Review contributor

As Thursday Review's frequent food and dining contributor Michael Sigler points out in his book excerpt The Great American Hamburger, the typical burger is...(click to read more)

Cocoons on a stick

Bugging Out:
The Value of Trying Creepy Things to Eat

| Published November 21, 2015 |

Michael Bush,
Thursday Review writer

You know what really bugs me? When I see picky eaters digging through their delicious plate of local food in search of one little thing they...(click to read more)


Pockets of Heaven:
The Best Stuff to Eat in China

| Published November 6, 2015 |

Michael Bush, Thursday Review writer

When I think back on the four years we lived in China, food is at the forefront of my memories. The sights were amazing. Learning Mandarin was challenging, but incredibly...(click to read more)

Bunches of bananas

Bananas: Kings of Potassium

By Maggie Nichols
Thursday Review contributor

Bananas, like many other fruits, have the advantage of being a ready-to-eat meal. There’s no fuss: no cleaning, no cooking, no refrigeration required. Just peel and eat. They can... (click to read more)


The Lovely Avocado

By Lisa K. Whitten
Thursday Review
writer/web developer

What is an avocado? If you guessed "fruit" you are right, but did you know that it is also a berry? A single-seeded berry, at that. The avocado has a subtle taste, a little on the nutty side, but oh so good and good for you!  Avocados are touted as a super food. They are loaded with....(click to read more)

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes, Sweet Facts

By Maggie NicholsThursday Review contributor

Yes, believe it or not, Thanksgiving—the great American holiday for family and friends—is almost upon us. And for many people, that means baked or roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, green bean casserole, dressing, and a lot of other things we rarely eat any other time of the year.  Novem-....(click to read more)


The Health Magic of Berries

By Maggie NicholsThursday Review contributor

Doctors and diet specialists stress that—contrary to the junk you see on TV and the unsubstantiated health claims one finds on the internet—there are no “magic pills” nor any special foods which can guarantee good health or immediate weight loss. However, there are the obvious things that we should all consider: cutting back....(click to read more)

diced cantaloupe

The Cantaloupe: Low Calorie, High Sweetness

By Maggie Nichols
Thursday Review contributor

Here at Thursday Review we write a lot the benefits of Vitamin C. In fact, we seem to be downright obsessed with its value, and hardly a single fruit or veggie article misses the chance to sing the praises of Vitamin C. Vitamin C has been widely known for decades to be a valuable tool in the human immune system—warding off common ailments like...(click to read more)

Peach Lemonade

Beat the Heat With Peach Lemonade

By Deborah Tukua
Thursday Review guest contributor

Looking for a naturally sweet but cool treat to help you fend off the hot weather? Skip those bottled lemonades and forget those powdered mixes and all that added sugar. Instead, make a pitcher of gourmet, easy-to-make peach lemonade—a great way to cool off in the August heat. Here’s the blender recipe:

Yield: 1 pitcher


6 cups spring water, chilled

3 fresh peaches, pitted, quartered

½ cup lemon juice

Stevia, to taste

Add fruit and liquid ingredients to blender and mix starting on the lowest-variable setting. Increase blender speed quickly to 10, and then to high until smooth. Sweeten to taste. Serve over crushed ice, or...[ Read more ]


Zucchini's Magical Qualities

By Maggie Nichols
Thursday Review contributor

At Thursday Review we like to talk a lot about miracle foods. No, that list does not include Oreo Cookies or Cheez-Its, though I agree that sometimes those items perform a miracle by making me eat an entire package of some-thing with little value other than its dubious location on the decadence scale. A few years ago, in an effort to lose weight and feel better, I gave both of those things...[ Read more ]


The Joys of Carrots

By Maggie Nichols
Thursday Review contributor

Here is something really cool (and strange) that I bet you didn’t know about carrots: they were first grown not as a traditional food source, but as a healing herb and a medicinal agent.  Weird? Not really. Not when you consider the remarkable health benefits of fresh carrots (for the sake of this article I am referring to fresh, rather than canned...[ Read more ]

Robot in a field holding a head of lettuce

The Salad Robots
published Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Earl H. Perkins,
Thursday Review Associate Editor

First came the self-checkout lanes at grocery stores, Home Depot, Wal-Mart and various other establishments, basically eliminating thousands of jobs throughout the country. Now...[read more]


The Tiny, Incredible, Edible Blueberry

By R. Alan Clanton
Thursday Review Editor

There are lots of easy and tasty ways to improve your health through simply diet changes. Reducing red meat, limiting your intake of trans fats and lowering your cholesterol consumption...[read more]

summer squash

Squash: Summer, Winter, Fall

By R. Alan Clanton
Thursday Review Editor

Squash, and many vegetables that fall into the gourd group of foods, are one of those depends-on-the-time-of-year things—like tax returns or holiday cards. There are summer squash and winter squash, as well as varieties for spring and fall.  One thing that is certain is that squash—regardless of the seasonal variety—may be one of the...[read more]


The Joy of Truffles

Earl Perkins,
Thursday Review
features editor

I'm going to quit my job, move to Italy and become filthy rich—and you can too.

They call them white gold, and my accountant says I should be able to survive the whole year by selling one, maybe two. That's right. Two white truffles in Alba, Italy, recently fetched $120,000 at auction, according to the Tampa Bay Times...[read more]

stuffed baked potato

The Stuffed Baked Potato:

A Great Way to Make a Meal of Leftovers

By Maggie Nichols,
Thursday Review Contributor

One of the things my grandmother instilled in me was the point-lessness of wasting food—even small quantities. You know the stuff: those eight or nine leftover carrots, those two dozen sweet peas, four or five florets of broccoli, or those scraps of baked chicken or turkey or ham—none of it enough to make a genuine meal, even for one person...[Continue reading].


The Hamburger: A Family Affair

Michael Sigler
Thursday Review Contributor

Some of my fondest memories are the years spent growing up with my brothers and sisters. When you live in close quarters with a family of seven, you come to see very early in life that although your lives are linked genetically, your personalities, likes and dislikes can and usually are so very different.  That was very apparent when it came to foods. While all of us were living at home, we were pretty much required to eat what...[to continue reading, click here].

Brussels sprouts

The Brussels Sprouts Controversy

(an excerpt from Tales From the Frying Pan)


Michael Sigler, Thursday Review Contributor

Throughout my life, my love affair with food has included most types of cuisine, from the first slobber of mashed and strained Gerber’s comestibles, to that sensational last bite of Coco Vin at the Chez Monclair.  From my humble beginnings, I was not really a fussy eater. Obligingly, I opened my mouth (here comes the airplane) for anything that came my way...[to continue reading, click here]

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Iconic Carnegie Deli to Close at the
End of Year

| Published Otober 4, 2016 |
By Thursday Review
staff writers

Its waiters and waitresses were as over-the-top unfriendly as the enormous sandwiches were laughably large, unhealthy and expensive. Nevertheless, that little deli was...(click to read more)

Kellogg's Recall Impacts Cookie and Brownie Products

| Published June 15, 2016 |
By Thursday Review staff

As a result of possible peanut contamination, cereal and snack maker Kellogg has recalled millions of products this week in the hope of avoiding...(click to read more)

Budweiser Beer

Anheuser-Busch to Merge With SAB Miller
| Published October 13, 2015 |

By Thursday Review staff

It would be one of the largest international mergers in history, and the biggest for beer drinkers...(click to read more)

Starbucks mug

Starbucks to Raise Coffee Prices
| Published July 7, 2015 |

By Thursday Review staff

It comes as no big surprise to some industry analysts, but Starbucks has announced that it will...

(click to read more)

can of sardines

The Health Benefits of Sardines
| Published August 31, 2014 |

By Maggie Nichols
Thursday Review editor

Hey Fredo, bring out the peppers and sardines, will ya. —Frank Pentangeli (Michael V. Gazzo) to Freddie Corleone, The Godfather Part II. The much-maligned sardine has....

(click to read more)

2 plantains

What is a Plantain: Plantains Versus Bananas
| Published June 27, 2014 |

By Michael Sigler
Thursday Review contributor

Plantains are a member of the banana family. They are a starchy, low-sugar variety that is cooked before....

(click to read more)

bowl of broccoli

The Raw Truth About Broccoli
| Published April 28, 2014 |

By R. Alan Clanton
Thursday Review editor


Here’s a fun fact I bet you did not know: broccoli is actually a member of the cabbage....

(click to read more)

Kiwi fruit

The Skinny on the Kiwi

By Maggie Nichols
Thursday Review contributor

Talk about undervalued foods!  The kiwi, also commonly called kiwifruit....

[ Read more ]

Tales From the Frying Pan by Michael Sigler

Tales From the Frying Pan

By Thursday Review editors

Author, radio and TV host, and frequent Thursday Review contributor Michael Sigler offers his latest book as proof not only that food and cooking can be fun (as if anyone doubted that anymore), but that it can be...

[ Continue reading ]

cancer preventing fruits

Tasty Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

R. Alan Clanton,
Thursday Review Editor

There are dozens of ways we can reduce our risk of cancer. Some are difficult; some are easy. Quitting smoking will reduce one’s risk of lung cancer, just as minimizing....[ Continue reading ]


Mr. Scoville and the Red Hot Peppers

Earl Perkins,

Thursday Review
associate editor

I gave up eating really hot peppers many years ago, but for all you folks out there....

[ Continue Reading ]

antique cookbook cover

The Best Ever Cookies (Or, a Tasty Recipe Found in an Old Cookbook)

By R. Alan Clanton,
Thursday Review editor

A few months ago I was searching my house for something lost, a small item, and just the sort of thing that people in middle age go in search of for no apparent reason, but just the sort of diversion that leads inevitably to the...[Read more]

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