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Editorial and submission guidelines:

Thursday Review encourages submission of quality articles and reviews from any interested author or writer. All submissions are subject to editorial screening for appropriateness, as well as spelling, grammar and style. Submissions are also subject to editorial scrutiny to ensure accuracy and factual content. Since Thursday Review’s requirements may vary slightly from one department to another, here are a few brief guidelines.

PoliticsThursday Review leans toward a center-right, generally conservative viewpoint, and we encourage thoughtful, well-researched essays which examine the role of conservatism in the contemporary American political process. Articles should be thorough, thought-provoking and penetrating, and should include an ability to understand current political trends in the context of contemporary political history. Essays may range from 1000 to 3500 words. Thursday Review pays for quality material, but we encourage writers to look first at the content found in typical Politics or Road Show articles, and we may ask that prospective writers submit samples of their work in advance. Send an email to  We also consider opposing points of view in our political discussions, and will review materials from a center-left perspective, subject to the same requirements for accuracy, quality and thoughtfulness outlined above.

Opinion: Thursday Review provides editorial latitude through our Opinion section. Writers are encouraged to send us editorial commentary of any kind, subject to editing for grammar and style, as well as appropriateness and fairness. Topics can include any subject matter as long as we deem it of interest to readers of Thursday Review. Editorial and opinion pieces should be emailed to

Books and The Book Shelf: Thursday Review seeks reviews of current or contemporary books, as well as retrospectives of authors. Book reviews can be short—in the 200 to 300 word range. But we also sometimes publish longer, more detailed reviews.

Film & Television: The same guidelines apply here as in our Books section. Thursday Review encourages reviews of current movie releases. Our Retro Review feature gives writers a chance to offer a retrospective look at great movies and television from a cultural viewpoint. Again, prospective writers are encouraged to read current Retro Review essays for a feel of what we are seeking.

Music: Thursday Review encourages music lovers to give us short, clearly written reviews of contemporary music, including rock, progressive and alternative sounds. We will also accept retrospective essays, as well as reviews of classical, jazz or country.  Reviews of books, movies, television or music may be submitted to These can be attached as Word files or embedded in the text of the email. Please use standard fonts and follow editorial guidelines.

Food, Dining & Health: Thursday Review accepts reviews of restaurants and also articles about food, recipes and healthy eating. These pieces can vary in length, and we recommend potential contributors familiarize themselves with current articles for examples of what we are seeking. Food & Health articles may also be sent to

Copyright policy: Any material submitted in exchange for payment becomes the property of Thursday Review unless otherwise agreed to in advance. Authors who wish to retain all rights to their work may do so upon request (examples would include writers who are submitting pieces which may be used later in a published book). Authors have the right to request a date certain for withdrawal of their material from Thursday Review’s website, and unless agreed to in advance some articles will be archived electronically by Thursday Review. We maintain a flexible policy on these guidelines to ensure that writers are allowed to retain rights to their own work if required. If you have questions or concerns about our copyright policies, please send an email to

All submissions are subject to editorial scrutiny for accuracy, spelling, grammar and style, and appropriate changes may be made before, and after, articles are placed on the internet.

Thursday Review does not publish material which is offensive or racist.

Road Show articles are copyright Thursday Review and may not be used without written permission.  Images used at Thursday Review are copyright Thursday Review unless otherwise noted.  Music, movie and book commentaries and reviews can be re-blogged without TR permission by the authors, musicians, artists and creators whose material we have reviewed.  Authors and writers who contribute their writing to Thursday Review may repost or re-blog their content with permission of Thursday Review editors.  We prefer that all other variations of reposting or re-blogging be approved by Thursday Review editors in advance.