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Thursday Review is an online magazine covering national and regional politics, books, film and television, music and entertainment, food, social issues, art and more. Here is a description of some of our main features:

Road Show (currently on hiatus) is a weekly review of the presidential campaign and national politics as seen through the lens of contemporary media factors.  Originally conceived in 2006, Road Show was designed to be an analysis of the election cycle of 2007 and 2008, and covered the various Democratic and Republican debates, the caucuses and primaries, and media coverage of the election process.  It was rebooted in 2011 to cover the 2012 presidential election, and included coverage of the debates, as well as dispatches from the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Retro Review is a feature in which our writers look back at some of the great movies, music, TV and pop culture phenomena of the 1970s, 80s and 90s with an eye toward their social or artistic relevance today. We encourage reader feedback and opinions on our reviews!

The Book Shelf and our Book Page are our book review and discussion forums. They include reviews of current and past books by Thursday Review contributors, as well as opinion and feedback by our readers.  Thursday Review also has departments for Food, Movies and Art.  Our Media & Journalism page includes long-form reviews of books about the press, documentaries and television news in general.  For a brief bio of each of our writers please follow the link to "Our Editors."   

Politics is our page dedicated to political discussions and analysis. These are generally essay-length pieces, but they can also include short articles and some book reviews.  Links to many past Road Show articles from 2012 can be found there.  Thursday Review encourages other points of view, and we accept comments and editorial responses from our readers and supporters. See our submission guidelines.

Thursday Review Blog, ( is our Word Press platform for opinion and discussion by all readers and TR contributors, and has been established primarily as a discussion board for political opinions and views. Thursday Review visitors are encouraged to submit opinions here, subject to editing by staff to insure decorum and appropriateness, as well as grammar and style.  Business or editorial correspondence can be sent to, or via the postal service to: Post Office Box 440664, Jacksonville, FL 32222.  We can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Stumble Upon and Google +.  Reader comments are welcome, but please see our submission guidelines found under the link "Submit an Article."  

Unless otherwise noted, all articles and materials found at Thursday Review are copyright Thursday Review and may not be duplicated or used without permission.  Road Show essays are copyright Thursday Review and R. Alan Clanton and may not be used without permission.  The opinions and views of individual writers and contributors are theirs and do not necessarily reflect those of Thursday Review, LLC or Five C Media.  Images are used with permission and/or credited appropriately.  All other images are copyright Thursday Review.  TR images posted on Flickr, Tumblr or Pinterest may be used without permission, but we ask that you please credit Thursday Review as the source.

Thursday Review was originally founded in 1981 as an independent monthly student journal of culture, entertainment and conservative opinion in northeast Florida.  

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