Cover art of Collection of Heng Souk

The Collection of Heng Souk; by S. R. Wilsher

| published April 13, 2016 |

Book review by Patricia McQuigg, Thursday Review contributor

Wow, what a gripping tale that includes so many emotional sequences including dysyfunctional families, war, different cultures, the death of a child, and vivid accounts of being kept in a Viet Cong prison camp including, descriptions of torture and humiliation.

Author S.R. Wilsher’s book The Collection of Heng Souk includes episodes of infidelity, as well as amazing enduring love and (spoiler alert) deep faith and forgiveness.

A number of times in this novel the author moves abruptly from one place in time to another without warning—no paragraph break or font change. This took a bit of getting accustomed to, but I still give both thumbs up to this powerful book. Wilsher has written a real page turner.

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