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Google headquarters, Mountain View, CA;
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Google is Now Alphabet

| published October 5, 2015 |

By Thursday Review staff

Google has officially renamed its technology and entrepreneurial division Alphabet in an apparent attempt to give identity latitude to member companies, partners and investors. In additional, the new moniker Alphabet will take over as the umbrella name of the tech giant.

The transition will not immediately impact the way computer and smartphone uses interact with Google’s popular search engine and browser, but will very quickly allow those corporate components engaged in the business of exotic technologies—drones and balloons developed to provide internet access, driverless cars, navigational tools, smart wearables such as Google Glass, to name but a few—to move in business directions outside-of-the-computer box, as it were.

The move will also provide greater independence and autonomy for even its most exotic subsidiaries, those, for example, researching genetic tools for extending human life, internet and smartphone-connected home appliances, and its space exploration division.

Google stock will automatically convert to the same number of shares in Google stock, though the company’s trading ticker will remain the same, “GOOGL.” For now.

The final steps to complete the conversion were taken late Friday, and as of Monday morning the Mountain View, California-based Google is now Alphabet.

Most significant, according to business analysts who have been tracking the change, Google’s reorganization will allow the company to report its quarterly financial activity by segment, rather than as one lump corporate entity. This move will give its unique subsidiary strategic latitude, and uncouple activities from what most people see—a search engine on the computer.

Google has often said it does not intend to operate like a conventional company, and Google execs issued statements on Friday explaining that the reorganization was in keeping with its ongoing goal of remaining outside of the box.

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