Kings Of Leon album cover

Kings of Leon

By R. Alan Clanton | published Sunday, November 3, 2013 |
Thursday Review Editor

As the brothers and cousins that make up Kings of Leon approach their 15th year performing and recording, their latest release—Mechanical Bull—proves to music lovers that these guys still know how to rock, and to create great tunes. Kings of Leon, for those who do not know, have forged a pleasing mix of blues, southern rock, and high energy alternative sounds, which, since their early days as a local band in Nashville, has steadily evolved with each album and each tour, prima face proof that these guys refuse to stand still and shun easy labeling. Their 2011 release of Come Around Sundown met with moderate-to-lukewarm reviews despite several strong songs, but Mechanical Bull seems to have already served as a successful reboot.

Released this past September, Mechanical Bull has an appropriate title when one listens—from start to finish—to the thirteen mostly intense, upbeat songs, several of which have the power to toss you off your sofa. The opening single “Supersoaker,” and cut five, “Temple,” have both received uniformly good responses from the alt/indie crowd, but song three, “Don’t Matter,” is also infectious in its intensity and its raw power. Other choice songs include “Rock City” and “Wait for Me.” Mechanical Bull has plenty of great tunes to choose from if you download your tunes digitally, but the CD offers a cool quasi-3-D cover image and handsomely designed inside notes (for those who like to “hold” their music, old school style).