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Top 5 Non-Terrifying Lullabies
| published August 28, 2015 |

By Lori Garrett Thursday Review contributor

Now, I can’t speak for everyone, but I always found some of the lullabies meant for infants and small children were more terrifying than comforting. Picturing myself falling from the tree tops was not my idea of a good bon voyage off into dreamland. When I began babysitting my adorable (and very vocal) 6 month old niece, I decided I would not sing her any of the creepy stuff I heard as a child. Of course, having not heard any children’s songs put me at a slight disadvantage, and I found myself cooing the ABC’s in English and Spanish, with the occasional old Johnny Cash or The Mamas and Papas tune. So, I set out to find short appropriate songs that could be substituted as lullabies, which I will now share with you kind folk.

5. Loving You by Minnie Riperton

This is perfect for a lullaby, as it was actually written as one. Minnie Riperton was the lovely and talented mother of actress Maya Rudolph, and the song was often sung to her as a baby, before her mother got signed to Epic Records. Besides, even after the late nights and all the tears, who doesn’t think loving their baby is easy because they’re wonderful?

4. If You Want to Sing Out by Cat Stevens

Positive messages abound in this golden oldie. It’s a great reminder to children that they can be whatever they want to be. And let’s be honest; some adults need to hear the message as well.

3. Chillout by Ze Frank

Ze Frank is an unconventional comedian who tries to spread a bit of positivity and love in the world. This song was written for a fan who asked for something to sing when she is feeling overwhelmed. Now, I know this is not a traditional lullaby, but it’s gentle and sweet, and it might just help ground an overwhelmed parent who is trying to sooth their infant.

2. Sleep by Kimya Dawson

There is probably more truth telling in this lullaby than any other. With lines such as “I think you’re the best/but you’re being a pest/You know that I love you/But I need my rest” that ring true for at least most parents, this is a sweet song of frustration and love. For more funny and child friendly music, check out her album Alphabutt.

1. Night Mantra by Renee & Jeremy

This is by far the most beautiful and soothing lullaby I have ever heard. It’s full of love, devotion, and support. This parent duo has a YouTube channel full of children’s music, and I highly recommend that every parent give them a listen; you might like what you hear.

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