Tales From the Frying Pan

Tales From the Frying Pan

Tales From the Frying Pan
| Published April 29, 2014 |

By Thursday Review editors

Author, radio and TV host, and frequent Thursday Review contributor Michael Sigler offers his latest book as proof not only that food and cooking can be fun (as if anyone doubted that anymore), but that it can be funny as well. Michael's new book Tales From the Frying Pan, from which a few excerpts have been selected for publication in these pages over the last year, can now be bought directly from Thursday Review or via email (details to follow this weekend!). In the meantime, TR readers and website visitors can sample this culinary bard's delightful wares by reading "The Brussels Sprouts Controversy," found by following the link here, or by scrolling down on our Food Page.

Other TR writers whose books can be found online include Kristy Webster ("Coco: A Novella"), poets Sarah Herrin, Lori Garrett, Victoria Betzel and the aforementioned Kristy Webster (for their book "Haunt Box: A Poetry Collection"), and editor Alan Clanton, whose book "Conversations Overheard in a Restaurant" can be found on Amazon.

We'll have more about all of these books in April, for National Poetry Month, and in May.  And watch for the Thursday Review shopping cart area to be installed soon!

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