photo composition by Thursday Review

Photo composition by Thursday Review

Cool Stuff to Eat in Iowa

(Before the Politicians Return for
That Big Do-Over)

| published February 5, 2016 |

By Earl Perkins, Thursday Review features editor

A fast-food burger joint rolled out a marketing campaign designed around the Iowa caucuses heading into the Presidential nominations, hawking Zombie Burgers and several other delectable delights you can really sink your teeth into, according to the Des Moines Register.

Rumors abounded that backers of several candidates (and maybe some of the candidates themselves) may have been sidetracked by a freakshow at a bistro, where voters lined up for a smorgasbord of BBQ funnel cake buns, corn-dog fried bacon, fried chz curds, buttered popcorn chz sauce and Crackerjack shakes.

But the Zombie Burgers in Des Moines were the biggest hits of all, poking fun at presidential candidates including Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz, said executive chef Tom McKern.

The Trump burger was highlighted by parmesan crisp that mocked The Donald's hairstyle, and while it didn't create a Ben Carson burger, the restaurant created tacos and Tweeted: “Fact check: we made tacos. We have no experience making tacos; but if a guy with no political background can be president, we can make tacos.”

You may want to visit the company's slick website, which boast Goremet Bashed Burgers, shakes and more, while hawking inventive flavor combinations in a "post-apocalyptic chic" setting.

If the internet is too impersonal for you, then just roll into one of two convenient locations in Des Moines. Now that the caucuses are done and the candidates have left town, you won’t have to wait in quite the same long lines seen just last week. And you won't be served an infusion of jasper baked woodcock, but come on into Zombie Burger+Shake Lab for a trendy burger, Soylent Greens and spiked milkshakes.

Of course, if political twists aren't up your alley, then there's a weekly special and large selection of regular items: 28 Days Later, Flamethrower, They're Coming to Get You Barbara, Raygun, Dawn of the Dead, The Walking Ched, Planet Terror, T-Virus, East Village of the Damned, Undead Elvis, Trailer Trash Zombie, Sarah's Revenge and Mushroom Apocalypse.

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But hurry: if Trump, Carson and Bush get their wish—a do-over of some sort in response to allegations that folks on the Cruz campaign stole votes by incorrectly trumpeting the early political death of Dr. Carson—then one might expect all the usual suspects to quickly return to the Hawkeye State. It's a recurring nightmare for some still walking around with a zombie-like look on their face; a money-making sequel for still others addicted to the unique politics of the first-in the-nation caucus state.

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