Vega 4; You and Others

Vega 4; You and Others
| Published February 15, 2014 |

By Garrett Heisler
Thursday Review contributor

What's better than British music? I mean honestly, they gave us The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who and many other glorious contributions to the world of rock music. The British Invasion has not stopped, even as we enter a new generation of music, they still seem to amaze us. Indie British garage bands like Voxtrot and the Kooks are recognized for the punchy music they create and their influence in the United States. Largely unknown to many American rock listeners, Vega4 is nevertheless a band with a unique sound, and one worth following.

Imagine a British version of the Strokes, only a little more upbeat and with lyrics that kind of make sense. That's what the listener is in store for when they hear this group: a garage feel that could be enjoyed at a coffee shop or at a house party, probably some of the most diverse music I have heard in a while. Every song will have you thinking of a time you stayed out to late or forgot to ask for someone's number. This is new age British rock.

This 2007 album starts out with "You and Me" a song about an American girl’s introduction to the British party scene. A love song that sounds nothing like a love song is the best way to describe this opening track; it rolls into something new with every verse. By far my favorite track on the album, this is also a great way to make some noise. The singer is saying I don't care about anything else but you and has a great time doing it. This not only sets the stage but leaves you wanting more of the British band.

As the album goes on it creates an interesting palate of ideas. The second track "Traffic Jam" is a song about wanting freedom from a failing relationship but still manages to keep the mood of the first track alive and well. "Tearing me apart" is more of the same and begins to sound dull but is saved by the following track.

The track that makes the record famous—and by far the most powerful song on the recording—also happened to be the tune that got me hooked on this band in the first place. I heard it originally in a movie, and I had searched for days until I finally found it. That song is "Life is beautiful" and it is arguably the highlight of the album. This track has been featured in more movies than I can count because of the beauty. It's a romantic song but not lovely-dovey, more Great Gatsby romantic. It points out the finer things in life and describes them with perfect detail. The author takes his time with everything, from talking about the sky to simply being with the ones you love. The song is a joy to listen to and is a great song to cheer you up or to create your own beautiful moments. “Life is Beautiful” has been a favorite of mine and it serves as the anchor of this record.

The rest of the album is a true treat to listen to "Bullets" and "You" bring the album to its final track and create an experience that has to be heard to believe. This album can be considered a love album but none like any you have known. Its upbeat songs and melodic rhymes will have you jumping for joy and wanting more, but you'll probably find yourself listing to "Life is Beautiful" until your headphones break!

Buying the record would be a good thing to do if you like the following artists: The Strokes, Matchbox 20, Voxtrot, the Fray, or Train. Imagine the most relaxed album you'll ever hear and combine it with happy thoughts, that's what is in store for you on this album experience.

Unfortunately, due to copyright law, not all of the band’s artwork is available in the U.S. Still, this is the best album that Vega 4 has created and is a true must-own for rock fans of the new generation.