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Arrogance: Rescuing America from the Media Elite;
Bernard Goldberg; Warner Books, 2003

By Alan Clanton
Thursday Review Contributing Editor

Much has evolved since 28 year CBS News veteran Bernie Goldberg wrote this book ten years ago, but one thing has not changed: a sense by many Americans that they are slowly, inexorably losing the ability to find objective sources of news and information. Using scores of examples and anecdotes, Goldberg shatters media myths and skewers the conventional and largely self-delusional view of journalistic neutrality, especially among the big players.

Of special note is the chapter adapted from a long interview with the late Tim Russert, a long time NBC analyst and moderator of Meet the Press. In Goldberg's conversation with Russert, we see how much of the mainstream press is dominated by Ivy League and elitist training, leading to a disconnection from many of the realities of American life. This book is an enjoyable and provocative read.