Corey Lewandowski with DOnald Trump

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Fired by Campaign, Former Trump Manager Lands Gig at CNN

| published June 24, 2016 |

By Thursday Review staff

Corey Lewandowski, who was just this week dismissed from the top spot in Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign, has already landed a new gig—this time as a political analyst for the news network CNN.

Lewandowski, who has served as campaign manager for the last year of the Trump campaign, was booted from his position after weeks of power struggles with the Trump high command and strategy differences with some Trump family members. Lewandowski will apparently draw a salary with the agreement that he becomes an exclusive analyst and commentator for CNN—meaning he cannot appear on rival networks such as Fox News, MSNBC or CBSN.

The agreement between Lewandowski and CNN may be a windfall for the recently fired manager of the Trump campaign, but it is also a coup for CNN, who can now benefit from the former Trump campaign chief’s deep inside knowledge of the strategy and playbook of GOP’s presumptive nominee. On the other hand, Lewandowski reportedly signed a standard confidentiality agreement with Trump and his campaign as far back as one year ago—meaning, legally, he may be restricted in the kind of strategy talk he can actually engage in while on the air with CNN.

Several political websites are reporting that Lewandowski’s departure may be partly the result of pressure brought by Trump’s adult children and other family members, and it may also be the result of clashes between Lewandowski and several new top staffers working for the presumptive Republican nominee. Lewandowski has in the past clashed with reporters and journalists, and has been accused—among other things—of roughing up female reporters while on the campaign trail. He has also been accused by some in the media of having a short fuse and a violent temper.

Asked on Monday of this week by CNN political reporter Dana Bash why he was fired, Lewandowski said he did not know. But sources within the Trump campaign and within the Republican Party say that Lewandowski’s frequent strategy and tactic clashes with Trump’s own family members—along with recent policy differences with many of the new staffers at the top of Trump’s campaign operation—brought about the forced departure.

Lewandowski has since told reporters that he had an amicable meeting with businessman Trump this week, after being informed that he would be forced out, and that he told Trump that he was proud to have been a part of the campaign and the movement.

CNN has frequently used former political operatives of both parties to bolster its political analysis and on-air presence. Among those who make regular appearances on CNN are Democratic strategists Donna Brazil and David Axelrod, and Republican strategists such as David Gergen and Ana Navarro.

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